Notices & 

Qualifications for Senior Rates

In order to qualify for Senior Rates you must:
  • Be a California customer only 
  • Be a Liberties Utilities CARE Participant
  • Be 65 Years or older
  • Be a Permanent, full-time resident
  • Have an STR account that is in good standing

For more information please call our offices at 530.541.5105

                                    All garbage must be in cans with lids per city and county ordinances. ​

Garbage must be contained, not just bagged.  Garbage enclosures must accomodate cans for collection, and not be used as receptacles.
El dorado County, residents within the CIty of South Lake Tahoe, as well as Douglas County, are subject to thier local ordinances.  Please call if you have any questions regarding garbage management in your area! 

                                                                    Changing Environments Call for Updated Enclosures

We are seeing construction utility boxes being used as enclosures for trash. While we appreciate that some customers are purchasing these utility boxes with the best intentions of addressing wildlife issues, utility boxes are not designed to be used as garbage enclosures.

·       They do not hold 32 or 45 gallon trash cans.
·       Are not effective in preventing animal access
·       Require special service by collection personnel
·       Do not meet requirements for approved bear resistant garbage can enclosures or safety approved dumpsters

We are not able to empty these utility boxes with our equipment and our employees are not able to unload them by hand. Trying to unload them will lead to damage to the utility box and/or injury to our employees.  We will no longer service these boxes as of January 1, 2019.

If you need a bear box, we can help!  South Tahoe Refuse and Recycling is administering a Bear Box Loan Program, which provides no interest loans for installation of approved animal resistant garbage can enclosures. Please feel free to contact our office at 530-541-5105 if you wish to discuss this or other service options.
​Douglas County